Saturday, October 16, 2010

Postcard from Scotland

I think from time to time I'm going to explore a few of those influential music labels you always hear about but don't really know what they were all about. One example is Postcard Records, who were responsible for launching the "careers" of bands such as Orange Juice, Go Betweens and Aztec Camera in the early 80s. Now with the magic of YouTube, we can listen to the singles that were released back then. So here we go.

So yeah, Go Betweens, huh! Well they only released one single with Postcard, called "I Need Two Heads". Now YouTube didn't have this song, but at EasyTV we care about the welfare and happiness of our viewers, and so thanks to good ol' Mr Vegas, it's now uploaded and available just for you! (EDIT: Breaking News! Mr Vegas went as far as creating an original video for the song! See for yourself below.)

It was worth it, no?

When Edwyn Collins had a relatively big hit in the 90s with "Girl Like U" (a relatively lame song, if you ask me), I thought I'd really hate Orange Juice once I finally got the opportunity to hear them. Boy was I wrong. His voice is perfect for the mix of pop and post-punk sound they had going:

Make sure you check out all the other "Dada with Juice" videos that are posted there.

Another band from Scotland that was promoted by Postcard was Josef K, a band I've mentioned here before, so let's just skip them, and go straight to Aztec Camera, and the single that turned out to be the last single released by Postcard, at least according to Wikipedia:

There were bigger and better things in store for Aztec Camera, including their lovely Spanish Horses. Oh what the heck here it is: